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Tell me…what is Ampersand doing for businesses?

Let me help to simplify… Ampersand is a recruiting and training platform, matching aspiring young professionals with companies eager to hire driven, diverse talent.

We provide the recruiting, vetting, training, ongoing coaching and mentoring to create an easy and painless solution for businesses to hire interns. Implementing a similar internship program in-house can cost businesses up to $14,000 per hire, leaving many unable to take advantage of the benefits of having an intern to help out on crucial projects.

As a small business owner for 12 years, I struggled with the huge education to employment skills gap - people graduating college, ready to give their first job their all, but unable to effectively participate in a meeting, communicate with managers or clients, and lacking basic skills to succeed in the workplace. 

Ampersand trains our professionals on grit mentality, gives them templates to immediately use in communication and note taking, step-by-step processes for stress management based on their personality styles (and their managers), and more. 

Our business partners get the support of a fully-trained intern, day one, without the headache, or costs associated with hiring and training young talent themselves.