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Gain exclusive access to Ampersand's Career Preparation bootcamp, the ultimate launchpad towards career success with proven job readiness training and customized mentorship, geared towards entry-level professionals.

Goal Setting
Professional Writing
Calendar Management
Performance Review
Manager Communication
Email Etiquette
Step 1

Learn the Unwritten Rules to Getting a Job

Stressed about not being able to get a job yet? Does everyone around you seem to know something you don't? There are thousands of workplace norms and hidden secrets to getting and excelling in a job that no one explains, and you're expected to know. But that's what we're here for. We have a platform of tools, advice, guest speakers and more to guide you through this journey.

Step 2

Personalized & Flexible Career Coaching

We want to help you untap your individual potential and passions so that not only do you get a job, but you're working towards your dream job and long-term career plans. Our coaches utilize personality assessments, decades of combined knowledge and outside experts to set you up for success.

Step 3

Develop New Skills to Succeed

Whether it is interviewing, networking, negotiating or professional communication, we deep dive on the individual areas you need to improve in, and build out the program to ensure you are walking away with a complete toolbox, and the supporting skills, to excel in the real world. We'll be honest with you, it's for your own good!

Step 4

Connect with Professionals

You're not alone! Today, there are over 1,000,000 young professionals unemployed and actively seeking a first job. Join your peers to learn from each other's experiences - not only do we see our professionals make new friend, they also end up sharing connections and collaborating in their new roles years later.


Our Exclusive & Proven Program

Career Coaching

Our dedicated career coaches bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and  relatability to ensure Professionals gain the confidence to excel.

Personality Assessments

We've partnered with an industry leader to help you figure out how you're wired and how to leverage that for long-term success.

Job Readiness Training

Access our proven job readiness training, following NACE's 8 core competencies, and learn workplace best practices.

Real World Experience

Opportunity to network IRL with  thought leaders from a vareity of industries, as well as participate in focus groups and marketing events.

6-Week In Person Bootcamp

Get complete hands-on coaching and training for 6 intensive weeks. Walk away with the complete toolbox, and confidence, needed to land, and excel in, the job of your dreams.

3-Week In Person Bootcamp

Our condensed 3-week program offers extensive training and 1x1 coaching, including networking events and hands-on project work relevant to your career.

3-Week Remote Bootcamp

The remote 3-week bootcamp offers the same extensive training and 1x1 coaching, as well as the tools needed for success in the workforce, without the networking events and project work.

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