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Why Ampersand?

Ampersand's new hire training equips your new professionals with the lessons they need to get started and excel on day one.
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of employers reported having effective communication with employees who went through Ampersand’s Accelerate New Hire Training.
of employees who went through Ampersand’s Accelerate New Hire Training reported having a positive relationship with their manager.
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Hundreds of leading businesses, from small companies to top-ranking organizations in the Fortune 500, have hired Ampersand trainees.
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Accolades for Ampersand

From landing a job to upskilling entry-level talent, our happy customers are giving high marks all around.


As we wrap up the experience in the platform, I’m walking away with the skills I need to get my dream job, like creating a strong resume and tailoring it to a job description, putting together a detailed portfolio, and activating my network on LinkedIn and beyond. I developed my professional communication and presentation skills, learned about SEO and blog writing, and built connections with my managers that will help me in my exploration of potential careers."

Cameron Cole
Willamette University, Sophomore

Ampersand has been beyond helpful throughout this entire process. They were always available to answer any questions I had and gave me the confidence I needed to be a better intern. I appreciated the career help that I was given by Scott. It made me realize that I really can achieve any career path I want if I put in the work on my LinkedIn and polish up my resume, as well as grow my network. I also enjoyed my weekly meeting with Scott to catch up on my progress at my internship. These sessions gave me the confidence boost I needed and also clear up any questions I had about literally anything."

Wara Makinojia
University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business, Senior

Ampersand has given me the opportunity to better myself in every way and provided me with a process that enhanced both my strengths and weaknesses. With the projects I was given, I was able to develop my design talents and my communication skills by using Adobe and Canva. My internship experience was both instructive and eye-opening. My supervisors taught me step-by-step how to complete each task, and once I got the hang of it, they gave me the flexibility to do tasks that involved creativity. I'm especially proud of my social assets because it allowed me to utilize my imagination and envision how I wanted to develop a specific template while still adhering to the company's branding guidelines."

Allison McKinney
Compass, Intern

Our intern was fun and energetic and everyone rallied around her this summer. She was asked to give a social media presentation to the marketing team, including the Head of Marketing and CRO. The leadership team didn't hold back on questions and our intern handled them like a champ, didn't get flustered and knew how to answer. Her confidence was unlike any other intern I’ve worked with!

LaTonya Jackson, VP of Services
Media Partners

Using Ampersand to hire an intern to help with my book launch was not only faster than any other way I can imagine, but the talent exceeded my expectations.

Jay Steinfeld, Founder & Author: Lead from the Core

Lemonade Day was thrilled to discover Ampersand at a time when our team was smaller than normal due to the pandemic. Our Ampersand intern was easy to work with and ready to tackle projects. His hard work enabled us time to focus on growing our youth entrepreneurship program in the city. The Ampersand Intern Program is simple and efficient. They educated our intern on the best tactics to use when working with a non-profit and offered managing guidance to our staff. All in all, the experience was wonderful, and we look forward to remaining an Ampersand partner in the future.”

Bailey Kinney, Executive Director
Lemonade Day – Houston

We knew that having our first intern (and actually in this case, two!) would be an exciting and challenging commitment. Beyond the helpfulness of having prepared interns, we were able to gain valuable management experience and feedback from our interns that will inform future growth of our company.

Holly Badr-El-Din, president of JOHI Design Studio
Biz Hack Academy
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