about ampersand

Helping every new professional embark on their career journey

Our mission is to create a workforce where any professional—no matter who they are or where they come from—can succeed in their career. 

about ampersand

Helping new professionals embark on their career journey

Our mission is to create a workforce where any professional—no matter who they are or where they come from—can succeed in their career. 

Our Story

2020 was a year of seismic change in the professional world. The pandemic led to major uncertainty in the lives of college students, professionals, and employers.

That year, Ampersand’s three co-founders came together to support ten interns who were just starting out at some of the world’s most successful companies. Scott, Kat, and Allie noticed a pattern: the interns they were training were technically qualified for the job, but hadn’t been taught basic skills such as how to grow a professional network, work on a project with their teams, or play an active role in daily meetings.

Our co-founders formed a structured, focused curriculum specifically designed to help new professionals be fully prepared on day one. At the end of their training, 7 of the 10 young professionals received a job offer from the businesses where they interned, and all ten businesses said that the interns were the best they ever had. Ampersand was born.

Today, Ampersand has evolved into an engaging professional development training platform that’s easy to navigate and fun to use. We’ve carefully curated our curriculum, refined our coaching, and developed a real-time reporting dashboard to track progress and prove the success of your training program.  

Meet the Team
Allie Danziger
CEO & Co-Founder

Kathrin Applebaum
COO & Co-Founder

Scott Greenberg
Director of Learning & Development & Co-Founder

Denise Huynh
Director of Marketing

Hanson Fox
Operations Analyst

Lindsay Thompson
Sales Associate

Carrie Colbert
Advisory Board

Paul Gleger
Advisory Board

Carolyn Rodz
Advisory Board

Matthew Hager
Advisory Board

Jeremy Jenson
Advisory Board

Our Impact

young professionals from over 1,500 U.S. universities
of employers reported having effective communication with their Ampersand Professional*
of Ampersand alumni reported having effetive communication with their manager*
of Ampersand alumni reported having a positive relationship with their manager*
hours of online learning
*From Ampersand employer & alumni surveys completed in August 2022
Diverse, equitable, and inclusive training is what we're about

Ampersand believes in the power of diverse voices and perspectives. As the pool of job applicants continues to become more diverse, it’s imperative that our training speaks to all audiences and considers the varying abilities of job seekers and professionals. Our platform features various perspectives so that job seekers and new hires from all backgrounds feel represented. All videos on our platform include captions to make our courses more accessible, and the course material is available in written, audio, and/or video formats.

We acknowledge that being more inclusive is a continuous process. If you have suggestions for how we can build a more accessible, inclusive platform, please contact us at hello@ampersandpro.com.

Diversity Makes the World Go 'Round

Businesses—including our own—are elevated by the ideas and experiences of different races, genders, ages, religions, and identities. We're inclusive because it makes us all better.

Identify as a person of color
are part of the LGBTQ+ community
are bilingual or multilingual
are military affiliated
are/were first generation college students
have a disability
have lived or worked overseas
of our leadership team is female
Professional Development Amped Up
Our online professional development platform supports businesses, universities, municipalities, nonprofits, and new professionals in exceeding their goals.
New Hire Training
Motivate, engage, and prepare new hires to produce their best work and confidently thrive with Ampersand's proven online professional development platform.
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Custom Career Readiness Solutions
Amplify provides universities, nonprofits, and municipalities with online courses and insightful coaching that integrate with existing programs to improve outcomes and preserve organizational resources.
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Career Readiness Bootcamps
Nail the interview, get the job, and bring your A-game to work. Get the support and insights you need to land the job, navigate the unwritten rules of the workplace, and feel confident on day one.
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