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Maximize students’ skills and support they need to land the job they want.

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“Ampersand’s innovative process for preparing students to achieve and perform in the workplace, the value proposition offered is excellent. We couldn’t be more excited for our students’ futures with this partnership.”

Mike Rome, Dean
Houston Baptist University

Experience a Host of Benefits

Allow students to build workplace skills, connect with a dedicated career mentor, and land a high-quality internship—without lifting a finger.

Job Skills Training

Equip students with 50+ hours of workplace training.

Coaching & Mentorship

Leverage our essential on-the-job support, every step of the way.

Unbiased Hiring

Ensure greater diversity in hiring throughout the hiring process.

Utilize Success Reports

Track students success throughout training and internships via reports.

Improve Rankings

Improve grad hire rates to secure better rankings— and better funding.

See Greater Student Success

Send students into the workforce with betters skills and opportunity.


Access Comprehensive Success Reports

Our success reports will allow you to see student registration, training hours, total certified and placed in internships, and more.

Students Registered
Total Hours Spent Learning

We’re Creating Win-Win Outcomes

From students gaining employment to universities gaining students, Ampersand provides value across the board.


of Ampersand alumni receive a paying job or internship offer after completing the program


increase in program enrollment after offering the Ampersand platform as an added value


Get robust tools and support for your new hires at a flexible and customizable price for you. To discuss your organization’s needs, schedule a call with our Customer Success team, or reach out to

Ampersand Pilot Program


/ student
  • Right
    Limited access to job readiness training
  • Right
    Co-branded landing page
  • Right
    Ongoing progress and trend reporting
Ampersand Professionals


/ year
  • Right
    Full access to >50 hours of job readiness training for all of your students, including weekly check-in reporting
  • Right
    Customized and co-branded landing page and marketing materials
  • Right
    Certification awarded to students who complete training
  • Right
    Ongoing progress and trend reporting to faculty
  • Right
    Optional Ampersand coaching sessions (add-on)
Enterprise Opportunities


  • Right
    Custom modules for your students
  • Right
    On-campus (or virtual) presentations or workshops
  • Right
    Personality assessments
  • Right
    Sponsorship opportunities

See What Other Universities Say

Partnering with Ampersand means more opportunity—for you and the students you serve.

Ampersand has given me the opportunity to better myself in every way and provided me with a process that enhanced both my strengths and weaknesses. With the projects I was given, I was able to develop my design talents and my communication skills by using Adobe and Canva. My internship experience was both instructive and eye-opening. My supervisors taught me step-by-step how to complete each task, and once I got the hang of it, they gave me the flexibility to do tasks that involved creativity. I'm especially proud of my social assets because it allowed me to utilize my imagination and envision how I wanted to develop a specific template while still adhering to the company's branding guidelines."

Allison McKinney
Compass, Intern

As we wrap up the experience in the platform, I’m walking away with the skills I need to get my dream job, like creating a strong resume and tailoring it to a job description, putting together a detailed portfolio, and activating my network on LinkedIn and beyond. I developed my professional communication and presentation skills, learned about SEO and blog writing, and built connections with my managers that will help me in my exploration of potential careers."

Cameron Cole
Willamette University, Sophomore

Ampersand has been beyond helpful throughout this entire process. They were always available to answer any questions I had and gave me the confidence I needed to be a better intern. I appreciated the career help that I was given by Scott. It made me realize that I really can achieve any career path I want if I put in the work on my LinkedIn and polish up my resume, as well as grow my network. I also enjoyed my weekly meeting with Scott to catch up on my progress at my internship. These sessions gave me the confidence boost I needed and also clear up any questions I had about literally anything."

Wara Makinojia
University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business, Senior

My daughter did go back to school with "umph" in her step thanks to Ampersand's Achieve Bootcamp program this summer. She is also articulating what she wants so much more effectively. I think her work with your team helped her clarify her thoughts and asks of what she will want in a job.

Mom of Achieve Bootcamp Alumni
Not applicable

The mentor sessions with my Ampersand coach were the greatest tool I had when learning how to ask for help or express that I’m having difficulties with my manager. I was able to meet up in our one-on-one sessions and have my coach walk me through how to address the challenges I’m facing and what plan of action we would take to overcome them. I learned through the Ampersand program that asking for help or not knowing something is okay and it's better that you ask and that you put that forward so that you can be at your professional best.

Linnzi Valdez

Set your students up for success.

The workforce is evolving fast—and so are we

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