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Designed for ambitious new professionals who want to make a splash in the job market but have a packed schedule.

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What's Included?

One thing that I really appreciated and that was unique was Ampersand’s one on one coaching which allowed me to grow as a professional and get good, consistent feedback. My coach helped me to have a very clear direction for one of the first times in my professional journey.

Anisha Lal

We began partnering with Ampersand Professionals to utilize their job readiness platform which focuses on upskilling entry-level professionals and students as they break into the professional workforce. The student intern enrollment was sponsored by SHSU College of Business Administration which allowed the students access to 9 hours of asynchronous job skills lessons. Modules range from tips for corporate communications to how to engage with your manager.

Jill Sharp
Sam Houston State University

The mentor sessions with my Ampersand coach were the greatest tool I had when learning how to ask for help or express that I’m having difficulties with my manager. I was able to meet up in our one-on-one sessions and have my coach walk me through how to address the challenges I’m facing and what plan of action we would take to overcome them. I learned through the Ampersand program that asking for help or not knowing something is okay and it's better that you ask and that you put that forward so that you can be at your professional best.

Linnzi Valdez

My daughter did go back to school with "umph" in her step thanks to Ampersand's Achieve Bootcamp program this summer. She is also articulating what she wants so much more effectively. I think her work with your team helped her clarify her thoughts and asks of what she will want in a job.

Mom of Achieve Bootcamp Alumni
Jumpstart Careers

Professional development coaching is an amazing resource to motivate you, answer your questions, and keep you on track

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Discover Unique Selling Points

Whether you’re a new professional looking for a job, or have already landed a job and want to be prepared on day one, our coaches will provide you with unique tips and tricks so that you can achieve your full potential.

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Build Careers

Our coaches help young professionals curate a compelling portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile.

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