Goal Setting & Mindset

47 Mins | 1 Quiz
Setting intentional short-term and long-term professional goals powered by a growth-oriented mindset is key to launching a career, and overcoming the challenge of building professional confidence. Learners gain the tools to start setting goals, including methods for articulating goals to managers, dealing with imposter syndrome, and more.
Lessons include:
  • Mindset
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Goal Setting
  • Case Studies
New Hire Training
Motivate, engage, and prepare new hires to produce their best work and confidently thrive with Ampersand's proven online professional development platform.
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Custom Career Readiness Solutions
Amplify provides universities, nonprofits, and municipalities with online courses and insightful coaching that integrate with existing programs to improve outcomes and preserve organizational resources.
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Career Readiness Bootcamps
Nail the interview, get the job, and bring your A-game to work. Get the support and insights you need to land the job, navigate the unwritten rules of the workplace, and feel confident on day one.
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