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Our mission is to create a workforce where any professional—no matter who they are or where they come from—can succeed in their career. 

Who is Ampersand?

We are a group of focused, determined, and entrepreneurial-minded go-getters on a mission to democratize access to that first, hard-to-get internship, and build diversity in corporations of all sizes. Our team is scrappy, inclusive, and passionate about eliminating barriers, serving people from all backgrounds, and making significant change to the status quo.

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Diversity Makes the World Go 'Round

Businesses—including our own—are elevated by the ideas and experiences of different races, genders, ages, religions, and identities. We're inclusive because it makes us all better.

Identify as a person of color
are part of the LGBTQ+ community
are bilingual or multilingual
are military affiliated
are/were first generation college students
have a disability
have lived or worked overseas
of our leadership team is female


Scott has mentored hundreds of young professionals, helping them land their first internship or job, then coaching them as new hires for successful early career experiences. He's worked with students as a career coach and admissions application editor.

Originally from Houston, Scott completed his bachelor's degree at Washington University in St. Louis, followed by some time in the "windy city", Chicago. Today, he's fulfilling his dream of living in Los Angeles. He loves hopping on his bike for hours-long (even days-long!) trips across state lines.


Ampersand's Chief Operating Officer, Kat, keeps her coaching and education roots alive through ongoing mentorship, e-learning innovation within our product, curriculum development, and no-code/low-code platform development. Kat has a background in organizational development and international education. She began her career in international services at the University of Minnesota. She left higher education for the expert network industry, supporting the learning for professionals in Fortune 500 companies, leading financial services firms, and global management consulting firms.

Kat has managed and trained hundreds of entry-level professionals, and is our in-house Birkman Method advisor. When not working, she's spending time with her husband, son, and Goldendoodle.


Based in Charlotte, NC, Hanson completed Ampersand training as a college student in 2021. He has since graduated from the University of North Carolina, has multiple internships under his belt, and has now joined us full-time!

He’s an advocate for students, and an awesome mentor when it comes to resumes, job applications, organization tips, using tools at work like Excel, and helping boost confidence for the first day of an internship or job.

He's always down to connect about favorite Fantasy and Horror movies, or with fellow gamers about League of Legends & Genshin Impact.


Second-time founder, our CEO has a knack for sales and marketing and a passion for helping ambitious people succeed. She started Ampersand after hiring, coaching and mentoring hundreds of entry-level employees in her previous company and loves taking the time to share her experience with young professionals and help them launch their careers.

Usually found with an XL coffee in hand, fueling her passionate commitment to changing the world, Allie is the mom of 2 girls and a 14-year-old pug, she married her high school sweetheart and comes up with her best ideas on a 3-mile run.


After graduating from the University of Houston in Communications, Denise landed a marketing job at the height of the growth in the digital spectrum where she built her first eCommerce site on eBay in 2008.

After leading multiple marketing teams in web development and digital strategy she has found herself excited to see her team grow into their roles.

Outside of work enjoys running half marathons, snowboarding, playing sand volleyball, and traveling the around the world.

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We’ve been interns and hired interns—and we’re ready to change the experience on both sides.

Kathrin Applebaum
Kathrin Applebaum

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Allie Danziger
CEO & Co-Founder

Denise Huynh
Director of Marketing

Hanson Fox
Operations Analyst

Lindsay Thompson
Sales Associate

Kathrin Applebaum
COO & Co-Founder

Scott Greenberg
Director of Learning & Development & Co-Founder

Carrie Colbert
Advisory Board

Paul Gleger
Advisory Board

Carolyn Rodz
Advisory Board

Matthew Hager
Advisory Board

Jeremy Jenson
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