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Skip the search. Our platform will pair you with professionals ready to hit the ground running—at no cost to you.

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Step 1

Share The Role

Answer a few quick questions and we'll create an internship posting for you, or post an existing one on your behalf.

Step 2

Access a Diverse Talent Pool

We’ll match you to candidates who have already completed job skills training. Our thousands of pre-vetted, certified Professionals are ready to hit the ground running.

Step 3

Interview and Hire

We’ll connect you with 3 pros, collect feedback, and ensure you onboard the right candidate with speed and efficiency.

Step 4

Bi-Weekly Touchpoints

We’ll continue to stay connected to ensure your intern can receive the support they need throughout their internship.


Let the Platform Work for You

We’ll make hiring high-quality interns easy, efficient and cost-effective.

Shorten Training Time

With 50+ hours of job skill training, our interns are ready to contribute to your team on day one.

Lower Hiring Costs

Keep your team focused on the job at hand while we bring quality candidates to you—all for free.

Reduce Risk

No need to worry about a lack of experience or on-the-job training—our interns are vetted and qualified.

Gain a Reliable Partner

If our first round didn’t reveal a match, we’ll keep searching until we get it right.

Hire Pre-Trained Talent

Every intern has already completed our comprehensive  training.

More Efficient Onboarding

With our proven curriculum, your  interns quickly get up-to-speed on the skills your company needs.

Find the Best of the Best

Hire interns that are motivated and equipped with the skills to succeed from day one.

See Our Growing Success

Both businesses and young professionals are reaping the benefits of Ampersand.

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Professionals Ready to be Hired
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Businesses Love Ampersand Pros

Finding talented, career-ready interns has never been so easy.

We knew that having our first intern (and actually in this case, two!) would be an exciting and challenging commitment. Beyond the helpfulness of having prepared interns, we were able to gain valuable management experience and feedback from our interns that will inform future growth of our company.

Holly Badr-El-Din, president of JOHI Design Studio
Biz Hack Academy

Our intern was fun and energetic and everyone rallied around her this summer. She was asked to give a social media presentation to the marketing team, including the Head of Marketing and CRO. The leadership team didn't hold back on questions and our intern handled them like a champ, didn't get flustered and knew how to answer. Her confidence was unlike any other intern I’ve worked with!

LaTonya Jackson, VP of Services
Media Partners

Using Ampersand to hire an intern to help with my book launch was not only faster than any other way I can imagine, but the talent exceeded my expectations.

Jay Steinfeld, Founder & Author: Lead from the Core

Lemonade Day was thrilled to discover Ampersand at a time when our team was smaller than normal due to the pandemic. Our Ampersand intern was easy to work with and ready to tackle projects. His hard work enabled us time to focus on growing our youth entrepreneurship program in the city. The Ampersand Intern Program is simple and efficient. They educated our intern on the best tactics to use when working with a non-profit and offered managing guidance to our staff. All in all, the experience was wonderful, and we look forward to remaining an Ampersand partner in the future.”

Bailey Kinney, Executive Director
Lemonade Day – Houston

The workforce is evolving fast—and so are we

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