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How Can Internships Help with the Unemployment and Underemployment Rate?

Youth Unemployment 

Unemployment and underemployment for young professionals entering the workforce is a huge program in the US. Currently over 50% of recent college grads are either unemployed or underemployed, meaning they have a job that does not require a college degree. 

America’s skills gap, and higher ed’s failure to prepare postgraduate job seekers, has led to seven million unfilled jobs. And as a result, companies aren’t able to rebound from COVID like they should, because they cannot find the right employees who embody the skills needed to fulfill the job requirements. 

It’s a huge problem that Ampersand is passionate about addressing head on. 

Did you know that by having internship experience, you’ll be 17 percent more likely to get called back for a job than underemployed applicants with no internship experience? The invaluable skills gained from internships are more important than ever before.


  • An article from Forbes mentions that young professionals often struggle to build confidence in their abilities before their internship. 
  • Upon completing the Spring 2021 Ampersand Program, our Professional, Quinn Rayner, has said, “The single most important takeaway from this program I got was confidence. I know what it’s like to work now and, more crucially, I’m now armed with so much knowledge about how to succeed, not only professionally but personally and mentally too. This program taught me more than just how to get a job, it gave me a plan for the future and skills that I’ll use until the day I retire.”


  • The interpersonal skills gained from having an internship is one of the best ways to enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication, conflict management, and problem-solving abilities!
  • Our current Professional, Simon Wang, has said that being in the Ampersand program has taught him how to, “communicate with managers/supervisors, and maintain professional connections in order to create long-term relationships.”


  • You may know how to handle your syllabus and course work through school, but “employers want to know that you can prioritize responsibilities and recognize when it’s appropriate to multitask or focus on one particular project at a time” (WayUp, 2021).
  • Time-management is a skill that our Professionals in the program work on heavily. With our coaching support, they’re balancing their internships, curriculum sessions, and obligations in life or school outside of Ampersand. They learn the valuable lessons of how to problem-solve with a manager when they struggle to meet a deadline or how to avoid wasted time going in the wrong direction when they’re unclear on a project.


  • No matter which company you are interning at, it will usually require you to wear multiple hats and have a willingness to learn and work in different parts of the company. Adaptability is a skill signaling maturity and confidence. Being able to interact first-hand with different parts of a business also provides invaluable insight on various types of roles and responsibilities within a business that can help give you a clearer sense of direction.
  • Through Ampersand, Professionals work on reporting and analytics, marketing and social media, research, data entry, and content writing. Being able to multitask and balance different types of projects, is part of the training our professionals receive in order for them to feel fully equipped to handle any challenge that may come their way.

Gaining internship experience, being armed with the necessary skills to succeed in the workforce, and knowing how to navigate networking through proper communication will help lessen the skills gap and the unemployment rate. 

Ampersand is providing young professionals the opportunity to receive meaningful and hands-on training to qualify them for the positions that they are right for in their industry. If you are looking to enhance your job skills and participate in a program that will change the trajectory of your life for the better, then now is the time to apply for our Summer Session!

Application deadline is May 15 and our Summer Program will take place from June 1-August 13. We look forward to helping you make a difference in the workforce!