Upskill your talented, almost-ready new hires.

You've hired them, let us train them.

Our proven platform will turn your new hires into Professionals, allowing you to stay focused on what matters.

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Ensure mastery in workplace skills

Give your newest hires the tools to succeed day #1 of their job with 8+ hours of asynchronous job skills training, building efficient proficiency in best practices to be a rockstar professional. Dive into the training based on NACE's core competencies (communication, critical thinking, professionalism, teamwork, and equity & inclusion), here.


Retain employees, at 1/20th of the cost

Companies spend up to $15,000 recruiting and onboarding entry level talent, only for 40% to leave within the first 6 months in the role. Give Gen Z'ers the tools for success, an immediate sense of purpose and belonging, while capturing key data for your managers to work with them.

Scale quickly with 1x1 & group coaching

Your new hires have access to our experienced and personable coaches, who help calm first day nerves, build their confidence for a successful start and ensure ongoing accountability with bi-weekly check-ins and ongoing professional development.


Get customized reporting

Receive real-time insights into your organization's new hires, as well as feedback and valuable data from our coaches. Learn more about your employees' motivations, short and long-term goals, learning preferences, and track their ongoing success through ongoing accountability check-ins.

Give your new hires the gift of confidence

Our proven platform makes hiring and onboarding high-quality entry-level hires easy, efficient and cost-effective.

Shorter Onboarding

With 8 hours of job skill training, your new hires are ready to contribute to your team on day one.

Enhanced Rentention

Change to "Enhanced Retention"Giving your team the support they need from day #1, increases their confidence, feelings of belonging and ability to deliver excellence.

Reduce Risk

No need to worry about a lack of experience or on-the-job training—our training ensures your talent is vetted and qualified.

Resource for Managers

Our coaches are available for ongoing mentorship, as long as is  needed, to ensure your new hires (and managers!) have support.

Confidence Building

Young professionals gain a leg up in the workforce with the confidence to succeed day #1.

Time Saving

The average time to train and onboard entry-level hires is about 33 hours per employee, according to Indeed.

Better Experience for All

By saving time (and headaches!) of job skills training, your managers will be more impactful.


Get robust tools and support for your students at a flexible and customizable price for you.

Upskill Your New Hires


/ trainee
  • Right
    Training platform access
  • Right
    Integrated Weekly Check-In tool
  • Right
    Progress reporting
1-on-1 Coaching


  • Right
    Individual coaching sessions
  • Right
    Opportunity for Q&A of material already covered
  • Right
    Direct feedback and support from dedicated coach
  • Right
    Employers gain deeper analysis and insights reporting from coaches
  • Right
    Insight into manager tools based on specific coaching needs
Enterprise Opportunities


  • Right
    Custom modules for your onboarding
  • Right
    Group coaching opportunities and interactive workplace simulations
  • Right
    Personality assessments

See Our Growing Success

Both businesses and young professionals are reaping the benefits of Ampersand.

universities represented
Professionals trained
Success to FT Hire Rate

Businesses Love Ampersand Pros

Upskilling talented, career-ready new hires has never been so easy.

We knew that having our first intern (and actually in this case, two!) would be an exciting and challenging commitment. Beyond the helpfulness of having prepared interns, we were able to gain valuable management experience and feedback from our interns that will inform future growth of our company.

Holly Badr-El-Din, president of JOHI Design Studio
Biz Hack Academy

Our intern was fun and energetic and everyone rallied around her this summer. She was asked to give a social media presentation to the marketing team, including the Head of Marketing and CRO. The leadership team didn't hold back on questions and our intern handled them like a champ, didn't get flustered and knew how to answer. Her confidence was unlike any other intern I’ve worked with!

LaTonya Jackson, VP of Services
Media Partners

Using Ampersand to hire an intern to help with my book launch was not only faster than any other way I can imagine, but the talent exceeded my expectations.

Jay Steinfeld, Founder & Author: Lead from the Core

Lemonade Day was thrilled to discover Ampersand at a time when our team was smaller than normal due to the pandemic. Our Ampersand intern was easy to work with and ready to tackle projects. His hard work enabled us time to focus on growing our youth entrepreneurship program in the city. The Ampersand Intern Program is simple and efficient. They educated our intern on the best tactics to use when working with a non-profit and offered managing guidance to our staff. All in all, the experience was wonderful, and we look forward to remaining an Ampersand partner in the future.”

Bailey Kinney, Executive Director
Lemonade Day – Houston

The workforce is evolving fast—and so are we

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